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Sunday, May 30, 2004
Stop and Go

I broke my toe last week. I was helping Molly get ready for bed and my foot rammed into the baby gate in the upstairs hallway and my little toe got caught and hurt like hell. I was whimpering on the floor for awhile. I knew I had hurt it badly, but didn't know just how much..

The next day at work, some of the U. health staff who were in a meeting with me peered over the table at my foot and said: "Oh, you broke your toe."

Oh, I guess I did. I went out that night and bought a pair of flip flops so I have shoes to wear and by this weekend it's been feeling a lot better.

That same night I broke my toe I was contemplating a job offer of sorts that came from an unexpected source. It was flattering, but ultimately I decided to stick with Deb and my current job. It did take me by surprise, though, and i had to seriously consider what I wanted out of my career.

So, because I had this existential crisis regarding my job on the same night I broke my toe I had to think of how they were related, of course. The perfect metaphor and here it is:

I broke my toe because I was literally not watching where I was going and I was also metaphorically not watching where I was going with my career. So, I was forced to stop and pause and consider my path and make a conscious choice to continue...the injury was a way to get me to slow down and watch my step...

Oh, you know,it may seem like a stretch, but I gotta believe this PhD was good for something! ;)


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