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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
The Past Six Months

I haven't blogged for six months and now I'm going to start again.

It's hard to say why--or why not--I blog. No doubt other bloggers can identify with
my ambivalence about blogging.

But now I'm back! I've missed it.

In the past 6 months..

...Ed went from being unemployed and getting no response to job applications to now having more teaching offers than he can accept. The job-related tension in our house has all but disappeared.

.....I have take 4 separate trips for my job, making me feel very pleased about getting away by myself, but now I'm ready to stop traveling for awhile. It's hard to play "catch up" at work and at home after being gone.

....I finally got within spitting distance of my pre-pregnancy weight and then gained back 5 lbs. I have decided my Christmas present to myself is a new exercise plan. Or any plan. I really need to get back to it because it helps me on so many levels (emotionally, physically, etc.). I"ve realized exercise is a "must" in my life. I lost the thread for awhile after baby #2.

...I have overseen some major changes at work (move to a new space, more employees) and it's made my life so, so much better. I'm still working hard to manage stress at work, but I'm doing a lot better than last year.

...I have come to terms with my house not getting clean every single weekend. Some weekends we let it slide. Spending time with the kids and our families have taken precedence over clean bathrooms every week and I am learning to live with *some* amount of clutter. It's a never-ending effort to tame the clutter.

...I've renewed my love for cooking and baking and Molly loves to help me in the kitchen. It's a great mother-daughter experience.

....I've seen Sean's babyhood start to fade and his toddler years start (he's 18 months old this month). I cherish every day that he still lets me snuggle with him. It almost makes me want to have another baby. Almost, but nooot quite.

...I've learned to splurge on a monthly "date night" with my husband. It's an investment. Totally worth every penny.

I'm learning. I'm learning.


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