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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
My Top 10 Summer To Do List

Two summers ago, I made a list of tasks I wanted to complete by the end of the summer and actually got everything done.

So, with high hopes, here is my Summer To Do List for 2005:

1) Paint master bathroom and downstairs 1/2 bath and master bedroom and kitchen; wallpaper was stripped in March and they are begging for color
2) Once the paint is on the walls, I need to buy and mount the window treatments in all of these rooms
3) Arrange to get our deck power washed and re-stained (we're getting quotes this week)
4) Steam clean the yucky parts of the carpet in the upstairs hallway and front stairs
5) Weed the walkways and put down new wood chips
6) Finish reading "The Kite Runner"
7) Organize my office bookshelves and files
8) Finish our trust and will documents with our lawyer, my Aunt Molly
9) Go on at least one day trip with the kids each month (first one planned for May 21--we're going to Cereal City! Woo!)
10) Lose the very last of the pregnancy weight (I'm within 5 pounds!) for good


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