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Friday, June 10, 2005
Just Do It

Today I started cleaning and organizing my office. It's been something I have been wanting to do for months. Literally.

It's very difficult to get "down time" during the academic year. My job is so closely tied to the tides of the semesters that I can only take vacation during certain months of the year. I can usually sneak a day or two off between September and May, and I take a week off around Christmas, but it is mostly a constant whirlwind of deadlines and events that don't leave a lot of room for down time. And that is reflected in my everyday life, as well. personal and professional lives are very full--overstuffed, even. But it's a lot of good fulfilling stuff. There's just so much of it. I need more down time.

That's why my vacation last week was so valuable to me.

My parents took the kids for 4 days, leaving Ed and I free (he had to teach on Wednesday night, however) to relax. Or not. Even in my vacation times, I'm all about my own personal to do list.

We painted two bathrooms and did a bunch of other household stuff. We went out to dinner and a movie . I stayed up late and slept in a little. Then we drove down to see my parents and how the kids were doing without us (just fine, thank you) and attended a wedding and went to see how my Uncle Paul, who is being treated for cancer, is doing. A weekend full of sadness and joy. I connected with old friends and family members who are so very dear to me.

A vacation week. A full week. That's ok. I wasn't working. Every time I started to think about work or fret about something, I shook it off.

Now I'm back. And the month of June is "down time" at work. A breather. I really needed it. I'm cleaning my office. Getting my act together.

I'm also trying to be more graceful when I'm on the rollercoaster every other month of the year. Wish me luck.


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