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Monday, June 27, 2005
Color Me Dissatisfied

This weekend I painted our bedroom Majorcan Blue (can't find the exact shade on the Behr website, or I'd link to it). Why, oh why, do my painting projects never turn out the way I imagine them in my head? This blue is just you imagine the water in Majorca to be. Lovely, but not really what I had planned for the bedroom. I was expecting something a bit more soothing and less obtrusive. But I'll work with it.

As I learned this weekend while I was painting, when you put a dark color on the walls of one of your rooms in your home, it becomes a neutral and you can decorate with other colors accordingly (Thank you, TLC). So, I'm accenting with--and softening the look--with green and pale yellow accesories and a duvet cover. I know this sounds horribly tacky and primary colory, but it should really be okay. Despite the serious lack of window treatments that don't scream country kitsch or stately manor, I managed to find these curtains in the Capri color to help blend the dark blue walls with the lovely white wood blinds that the former owner had the good sense to put up in the master bedroom (one of his decorating choices that I applaud).

I think I tried to "over correct" my color choice because last month our downstairs bathroom turned out too yellowy and not goldish enough for me and the master bath green was too pale for my tastes. Despite weeks of looking at color samples, I'm just not good at getting it right.

Oh well--I've learned to love those other rooms anyway and I will learn to love this room. Ed seems more concerned that I"m happy with the colors I pick than with his happiness. That simplifies things immensely.

It feels nice to be able to fret about these details after so many years of renting and living with bland, white walls and struggling to make a place feel "mine," but at the same time it seems absolutely shallow to spend so much time worrying about this stuff. Just not that important in the grand scheme of things.

However,I want our bedroom to feel soothing and restful--an oasis from the rest of the cluttered, toy-strewn house and this hectic life 'o mine.


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