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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Dog Days Indeed

It's August already. That means an intense time at work. We're gearing up for the start of the semester.

So, in some days, summer is winding down. The hectic pace of the academic year is starting.

Ed will soon to go new faculty orientation and then start teaching again. I've been helping him every week with the design of his new classes and then we'll start working on the syllabi. It's been good for both of us.

Molly starts kindergarten! I know I'm going it's going to be an emotional day for me; exciting but emotional. A big day for our family.

Sean will go back to day care two days a week while Ed teaches. He will continue to love Thomas the Tank Engine and bubbles and riding his pink Big Wheel that he inherited from his sister.

We will be a BUSY FAMILY and these lazy summer days will be a memory.

So, we're really trying to have some summer fun. The sprinklers, the bikes, the popsicles (which Sean calls pahsickle), the quiet evenings with the hum of the crickets and the lawn mowers, wearing skirts and sandals to work, the day trips we've taken every month--all of these are part of our summer.

We've painted 3 rooms and have only 1 room left to do, which I'm 'saving' for Labor Day weekend.

This summer will also be remembered as the summer when I threw out my back and had some of the worst pain of my life. Only being in labor with Molly can rival that pain and the labor pain was shorter than the weekend I spent paralyzed by pain in July. Hellish. THe physical therapy since then has been enjoyable.

I found a dermatologist whom I love. Giggles and clear skin all around.

Also, this was the summer I got back to reading in earnest and, in particular, tore through Slammerkin, Devil in the White City, and The Search for The Lonely Doll.

I'm loving books again. And wondering if I should make a big move with my career.

And exciting about fall and looking forward to taking yoga classes.

And, I started a "healthy living contest" with my sister. It's been really good for me to have that motivation to keep myself on track with healthy choices with food and exercise. It's been fun, too.

Some bad, troubling things happening with my extended family but I'm hopeful that things will be okay in the end.

And George Bush is still president. So, it's not all wine and roses.

Still, I'm going to keep trying to decorate, feed and water my corner of the world.


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