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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Fall Is Here (Sort of)!

First day of fall. Sunny, beautiful day.
I love fall in Michigan.
It's winter that I dread.

I'm saying goodbye to summer today feeling very satisfied about the way I actively enjoyed the summer, rather than letting it pass me by.

Winter was so hard this past year--so long, so dreary, so depressing--that I was determined to enjoy the fleeting summer days that put me in a good mood, even when I'm stuck at my desk all day.

I think I get a mild case of SAD every year between November and March. How else can I explain that earlier this week, when we had an overcast, chilly day I felt my mood plummet so quickly and markedly that I was fascinated by my own reaction to the weather.

My resolution for this fall, winter and early spring is to read lots of good books, drink lots of vanilla tea, wear lots of bright colors, have lots of fun with the family, keep working out at the gym, and go on "date nights" with my husband, etc. to keep myself buoyed.

The front page news has been so unrelenting shitty this summer (Katrina, gas prices, Bush idiocy, Supreme Court changes, global warming, etc. etc.) that I really want to find a way to stay tuned in to the outside world without letting it crush my soul.

I have 2 small children to raise in this uncertain, scary, beautiful world of ours. I can't give up on it quite yet.

Speaking of seasonal resolutions, let's look back at the May 10 "summer resolutions" I posted on this blog and see how I did with my summer plans:

1) Paint master bathroom and downstairs 1/2 bath and master bedroom and kitchen; wallpaper was stripped in March and they are begging for color

Done (almost)! We painted all of the above, except the kitchen is only 1/2 done. That's okay--I'll finish before the year is up. Bright colors on our walls does great things for my mood.

2) Once the paint is on the walls, I need to buy and mount the window treatments in all of these rooms

Done (almost). The dining room curtains have been purchased but not put up yet. The other rooms look great., if I do say so myself. Most of the window treatments I bought on sale at Linens N Things.

3) Arrange to get our deck power washed and re-stained (we're getting quotes this week)

Done, but it looks kind of yucky in sections. Next year we buy a garden sprayer and do it ourselves (a friend of ours told us about this).

4) Steam clean the yucky parts of the carpet in the upstairs hallway and front stairs

Done (twice)! This must be done at least once a month or it looks like hell. We're going to get a carpet runner put on the front stairs, which should help a lot.

5) Weed the walkways and put down new wood chips

Done (sort of). I hate weeding and so I did it only twice. Ed did it once. Our walkways looked sort of scraggly this summer, but who cares? I don't!

6) Finish reading "The Kite Runner"
Never did it. I tried. I really did. Couldn't get into it. Read a lot of other great books, though.

7) Organize my office bookshelves and files
Nope. But we did sell our pool table so I have space to get organized.

8) Finish our trust and will documents with our lawyer, my Aunt Molly
Yes, we sent her all of our info but she's still working on her end of things...

9) Go on at least one day trip with the kids each month (first one planned for May 21--we're going to Cereal City! Woo!)
Yep! We did have a really fun summer with the kids. Some of the best times, however, were in our own backyard or nearby park.

10) Lose the very last of the pregnancy weight (I'm within 5 pounds!) for good

Yeah, baby! I lost the last 5 lbs. and then gained 2 lbs. back, but I'm not worried. I'm finally down to my fighting weight range and I WILL NEVER go back to those higher numbers of my post-pregnancy months. I just won't. I've changed some of my behaviors around food and I'm so happy about it.

All in all, a really good summer.

I turn 40 in 4 months! Woo! Next decade of my life: here I come!


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