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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Birthday Hoopla

Molly's birthday is this week. She's turning 5. Five years old! It is amazing to me.

I love the way that she is growing up--she's a social butterfly, she's creative, she's goofy, she loves books, she has such a "can do" attitude. All of these wonderful traits that I see coming out in her.

At the parent-teacher conference with her teacher, I felt so proud of her adjusting to kindergarten as the youngest one in class and yet she is so feisty and "out there" and thriving.

It validates every instinct that told me to go ahead and let her start kindergarten early.

She is so excited about her birthday--the bringing treats to school, the birthday part at the bear factory on Friday night with the gathering of her six closest friends, getting to celebrate last week at Thanksgiving with her cousin, who was born a week before she was.

I am excited about using my new Cake Mix Doctor book to bake bar cookies for her class and a caramel sheet cake for the party on Friday. I love an excuse to bake, I must admit.

And I really do love throwing parties. Even for a bunch of five-year-olds.

Happy Birthday, Molly! I am so proud of the cute and creative and candid little girl you are!

NExt up: Holiday Hoopla! Hang on....


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