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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
New Year--what will I do with it?

Last year I decided that 2005 would be the year to get back to exercising and make that a priority in my life.

It worked--sort of. I joined a gym I enjoyed, but I found the classes to be limiting. I do love to exercise and taking time for myself with a full-time job and 2 kids was not easy, but I managed to do it. Ed has been really supportive of my need to put exercise into my schedule, which means it is on the family's schedule.

I ended up leaving that gym this month and going back to the community center, which will be cheaper and closer to our home. Sure, I won't get fresh towels handed to me or a free cup of coffee in the locker room, but I'll be building exercise into my life in a way that is easier for me in 2006.

I did manage to lose all of the baby weight in 2005 (yay for me), but I still need to keep exercising. It's so important to my physical and emotional well-being.

So, my new goal in 2006 is to keep exercising as I did in 2005 AND my new goal is to work on my clutter control at work and at home.

I think the key to that is just the same as exercising--make a plan, make the time, stick to it even when you don't feel like it, and enjoy the rewards. Make it a priority.

I really look forward to 2006. I feel like we are on the brink of some big changes and part of me wants to shrink from that,a s we've had nothing but big changes since we got married (new jobs, new babies, new houses, new cities) six years ago. But part of me wants to embrace it and go for it.

We'll see.

The other major change in 2005 was healthier eating and drinking (water instead of soft drinks), which I really want to keep up.

Bring it on.


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