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Monday, February 20, 2006
A Working Mom

I want to remember this day. Overcast, blustery February President's Day. Schools and daycare closed, so Ed brings the kid's to my office while he goes to the building next door to teach his history class for an hour.

I take the kids to the history museum across the street and we look at Molly's favorite diorama--the 16th Century Aztec village with lots of tiny figurines. Later, Molly is scared--and so then Sean gets scared--of the life-size figures, so we cut the visit short and go next door to the library.

The campus library now has a Children's Nook with second-hand books, toys, blocks. The kids are really quite happy for 40 minutes and I am able to browse on the shelves of new books next to the nook while they play.

Then I take them to the library cafe and let them pick out whatever they want (a giant back of Cheetos) and eat as much as they want (they share the entire bag) as we walk back to my office.

They love campus--Molly says her favorite is the bell tower and feeding the ducks behind my building. They love to take turns pushing the elevator buttons going up and down in my office building.

They raid the refrigerator in the office (leftover V-8 Juice and Nutra-Grain bars) and then Ed picks them up and takes them home.

A wonderful break for me--to get to have fun with them and not worry about what they're eating or what I'm not doing, etc.

Just fun. I need to remember this strange little interlude in an otherwise typical work day.

I spent so many hours in that library before kids and before I met Ed even. Looking up books and sources all seasons, for years, studying in the 4th floor stacks for the entire Sunday afternoon every week for the first couple years of graduate school.

It was a different life. Not better, just different. The juxtaposition of my life then and my life now is a marvel to me. Look what's happened in 10 years!


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