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Thursday, March 16, 2006
On the Brink

It feels like just as our life is settling down after 6 years of major changes (marriage, new jobs, graduate school, houses, 2 kids, etc.), that we are on the brink of other changes. In my work. In Ed's work.

Good stuff, but more change.

Change involves lots of decisions and extra work and...well...change. I'm just starting to feel comfortable. Am i ready for this?

Meanwhile, I must document some of the most adorable things about the kids because I know I will forget as they grow:

1) When Sean has a stuffy nose, he says "My nose doesn't work!"

2) Molly is so much like me at 5 years old--loves to dance, play dress up, draw and make up stories, make up songs, and is an incurable social butterfly. It's such a joy to see her blossoming and reminding me

3) When we are out in public and Molly sees someone who is differently abled, or has a voice problem, or even "looks like a troll" as she put it last week, she keeps the observation quiet and whispers it to me after that person is out of sight. So tactful for a 5-year-old. We're learning that it is okay to be different.

4) When I call Sean by a nickname ("little pooh bah" or "stinky Pete") he furiously insists that his name is "Sea*n M*cInnis" or "Seannie Bonnie," which is my nickname for him since birth.

5) One of his first sophisticated uses of language is his use of the term "actually" as in "I want a bagel for breakast....actually (act-shlee), I want oatmeal." He picked this up from Molly.

6) Molly has a beloved hamster, Sally, whom she is given any number of nicknames and dotes on just as if she was her own baby. "Look at my cute poochie-woochie!" she'll say.

7) Sean has started to say "I wuv you, Momma" and then add "sooo much." It makes my heart melt.

I love being a mom.


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