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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Imperfection is my Middle Name

Been dropping the ball at work a bit on little and medium-sized things. It's because I'm way too busy and scattered. I need to get myself centered and focused. Email can be such a burden and such a convenience. Arrgh! Calgon, take me away...

This month and into next month we are unusually busy on the weekends (trips, both business and pleasure, family events, etc.). That adds to the chaos, as weekends are usually my chance to catch up on life and take a breather.

However, my favorite season is starting (hello, lovely Spring, even though you never show your pretty face until well into April in Michigan), so that helps balance out the craziness at work and at home.

Other news is all good--Ed is about to finish the dissertation, the kids are thriving and sleeping well and eating well.

I've overcommitted myself a bit--freelance jobs on top of my full-time job, some volunteer stuff, etc. and once again I have to teach myself to say no.

Life is a full tilt in all its chaos, charm, uncertainty and worry. In other words, business as usual.


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