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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
I Need A Vacation or a Kick in the Ass

I am feeling kind of sluggish and overwhelmed lately, even with the beautiful spring weather and leaving the tired blahness of winter behind.

I'm going to force myself to hit the gym after work today, so maybe that will help me snap out of it.

We've got money worries once again, worries about Ed's dissertation, stupid worries and dumb things but nonetheless I worry.

I think my goal to simplify my life hasn't been going very well.

Some days I feel like i've got it all together and other days I feel like I have no idea what I am doing.

Last time I felt like this I went to the movies on a weeknight after the kids had gone to bed and I felt so much better.

Not doing that tonight. Don't know what the hell I'm doing. Everything feels like a chore and a bore.

We had a good Easter, the kids are healthy, spring is blooming, so what the hell is wrong with me? Is it PMS? Could it really be that prosaic?

I either need a vacation or a kick in the ass. Kick in the ass is much cheaper.


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