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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
The Happy with the Sad

Happy, happy news last week--Ed finally defended his dissertation. After nine years of ups and downs and difficult obstacles, we reached the finish line by hook or by crook.

It felt like a happy ending to a long, difficult story that we all lived. So, that's good. We celebrated over the weekend and celebrated Ed's birthday.

I struggled to work on this freelance article that is due asap. I am also struggling at work with one of my biggest events of the year. Just to get through it.

Because, frankly, I'm burned out. I need a break. I've overdone it on so many fronts and I need to scale back.

I do have a vacation scheduled starting May 20, but even that feels rushed and stressful.

Last night, just add fuel to the fire of a busy, busy life, Sean got a temperature of 102 and Ed whisked him off to the clinic after dinner. Doc says just a virus.

We put him to bed and at 1:30am he woke up with a 104.2 temp. Talk about something to keep up a worried mom. I could barely sleep--first with him next to me, his skin really hot, and then I moved him back into his room after a few hours when I couldn't get to sleep.

I did get some sleep, but not much. He seems in a better mood this morning, but his fever has not borken yet. Ed's home with him today, which was the plan anyway.

Still, a feverish two-year-old just makes this week even more stressful. And lack of sleep makes it feel even more so.

I just want to get this through this busy time and manage it okay and take rest.

Usually I post a "Summer to do" list on my blog and see how far I can get with it, but this year it feels like too much right now.

Ed and I have made decisions to overschedule our lives in order to make more money and get out of debt I think it is a dubious trade-off. So be it.

I just need a rest.


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